JFC Strainer is used widely to fluid and gas such as water, oil, air, gas in each field of Oil Refinery, Petrochemi­cal Plant, Waterworks, Power Plant, Iron Manu­facturing, Ship-building, Food, Paper Manufac­turing, Synthetic Fiber, Water Treatment and etc.

  • Carbon Steel , Stainless Steel
  • Alloy Steel and Special Steel : Monel, Hastelloy, Aluminium Bronze, Copper Alloy, Chrome Steel, Nickel Steel, and etc.
Connection style
  • Flange type, Socket Weld type, Screw type (PT, NPT), Butt Weld type.


Element is very important part as the heart of strainer. So, Corrosion Resistance, Filtration rate and Strength must be considered sufficiently and It must be a structure not to be bypassed the non-filtered fluid between element and body. JFC is manufacturing a high credible strainer that couldn’t compared with other products as its a long experience and accumulated know-how in field engineering. And can supply engineering of performance simulations of each process of strainer from 2007.

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