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Since established in 1999, JFC has grown to include whole engineering, design and manufacturing; Filtration system, Strainer and other fields of Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery and Gas Plant. We continue to be a pioneer in the field of filtration industry. We focus entirely on what we do best-the research, development and production of high quality products. In addition, we are going to expand our business to filter package on the basis of our long experience in manufacturing filter housing or drums.

Our Specialty

" Quality products and customer service are the cornerstones of our business - Best Reliable Partner" 
Human makes the greatest company.

The company can be as great as not only its resource but also members. The value of the company can be shining brightly when it is used for the place where the worker’s dreams come true through cooperation and understanding each other. We Jfc cherish customer and workers like our family. We are always looking back ourselves in customer’s ways to be company that customers can trust completely.

Process the greatest filtrations in the world.

Comparing to the quality of other foreign manufactures, we have already had our own reputation of our products performance and effects. We are continuously endeavoring to provide innovative products that are managed the quality by ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 the international standard.

The company considering our environment and future.

Industry has been developing itself for the benefit of humanity. On the other hand, it has accused severe damages our living environment. However, we JFC greatly consider our living environment and future ecosystem to preserve through making filtration, removing pollution sources on the sites of industry. We are very proud of being a guardian who protects our customers and our environment.

Business philosophy based on customer’s trust.

We place our priority on respecting customers and promoting mutual prosperity. We never miss the point that the products cannot help having any value if they don’t follow customers’ requirements. We can make and supply filtration equipment’s that are customized to meet the needs and wants of individual customer. Our No 1 business philosophy is developing and manufacturing optimize products that are superior in quality and performance for our customers.

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